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Hunt Club Farm
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Get in the spirit of the season at Haunted Hunt Club Farm

Join the motley cast of characters for A NIGHT OF POSSESSION, as Haunted Hunt Club Farm continues their tradition of HAUNTING HAMPTON ROADS! The festival will feature three main attractions – the Haunted Hayride, Village of the Dead and Field of Screamsall new and improved for this year’s scare-fest!

The festival’s most-screamed about attraction, the Haunted Hayride, will take venturesome voyeurs on a slow-moving, spine-tingling tour of the pitch-black woods of Haunted Hunt Club Farm. Unprotected from the elements and all the things that go “bump” in the night, daring riders will experience theatrical displays by dozens of diabolical degenerates along a narrow, winding path and through a decrepit old barn.

The Field of Screams — a deep, dark cornfield — will be packed full of possessed creatures who like to get up close and personal with thrill-seekers desperately trying to find their way through the puzzling maze, while the creatures of the Village of the Dead will try to convince victims — ahem, we mean visitors — to become permanent residents – or POSSESSIONS – of their town of terror.

New this year - experience Wicked Whispers!

Legend has it, that this area was the breeding ground for an ancient coven of witches. The witches used black magic, potions and spells to enchant animals, dolls and other objects.

The charmed objects whispered spells to humans to lure them to the witches. The humans were used in deadly rituals and the energy was sucked from their very souls.

Those who heard the Wicked Whispers and the dreadful tales of horrifying witchcraft would NEVER step foot near this evil place again.

Now, according to the old legend, the fields, woods and buildings were all left abandoned. Or, so it would appear… In reality, the witches had only conjured a spell that made the whole coven invisible to humans.

Recently, some very strange and bizarre things have been happening around Hunt Club Farm. The owners and staff have reported seeing what appeared to be ghostly spirits in the shadows and say they’ve even heard the Witches Whispers.

Now I must tell you, or perhaps I should say, warn you!

You will not be able to make out their words or hear where they are coming from. Do not be tempted to follow the whispers or fall prey to their enchanted objects. The Witches have returned and they are after your very soul.

Friday and Saturday Nights:
  • Attractions open at 6:30pm or Dusk.
  • Last Hayride leaves by 10:40pm.
  • Farm closes at 11:30pm.

Sunday thru Thursday Nights:
  • Attractions open at 7pm or Dusk.
  • Last Hayride leaves by 10:15pm.
  • Farm closes at 11pm.

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  • Not valid on Saturdays
  • Not valid on Halloween

About Hunt Club Farm

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Hunt Club Farm Location:
Hunt Club Farm 2388 London Bridge Rd
Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23456, US Phone: (757) 427-9520 Get Directions
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